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Slipstream Automotive

How Slipstream Works

Slipstream is being developed as an automated solution to maximizing service absorption, profit margins and technician satisfaction within the fixed operations departments for auto dealerships. Service departments represent approximately $116B on gross revenues within the auto retail industry in the U.S. annually, driving over 50% of the dealerships profits. Even so, most dealerships are not able to maximize their availability of their service bays or the make best use of the individual skills and efficiencies of their technicians.

Slipstream will use a three-pronged approach called “Activated Intelligence” to help correct these issues:

  • UCAR™. Slipstream creates a Unified Customer Automotive Record with a “Probability Score”, linking over 10+ first and second-party data sources, in order to mine and market to customers with a pre-cognitive determined degree of success when offered specific service deals for their vehicle.
  • Slipstream then builds a portfolio view of each tech and repair bay to optimize service dispatching, matching the skills and efficiencies of the technicians, repair bay availability and customers with the likely need for their services.
  • Finally Slipstream uses its patented marketing automation solution to provide service deals to the customers most likely to take advantage of them.
Tech Proficiency, Service Absorption and Margin all GO UP!

“Efficiency is to do what is effective, achieve high customer satisfaction with less operating cost, and improve employee productivity with good teamwork.” Pearl Zhu