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Spyhre Software Solutions
Managed Cloud Middleware
Automotive Industry

Your Data. Your Way.

Middleware is the software layer that lies between the individual platforms that house and mange specific functions such as the DMS or the CRM and applications and reporting tools that help a business owner track and manage their business. The middleware creates an integration between disparate systems and then analyzes and makes the critical real time data more accessible to the business owner, or in the case of AXEL, the car dealership. The typical auto dealership is dependent on data that lives in multiple software solutions and platforms such as their DMS, CRM, various marketing tools, lead providers and other operational software. In most cases, they must rely on third party providers to get the reports they want from own systems containing their own data. With all new privacy laws being implemented, third party providers are not able mine data to the same depth as the past, making it even more frustrating for the dealer to make the best use the information he owns.

“The goal is to turn data into information, and information into insight.” – Carly Fiorina, Hewlett Packard CEO. 

The first middleware created just for the Auto Industry

AXEL is a centralized middleware solution created specifically for the automotive retail industry. It connects, hosts, optimizes and analyzes all your data sources and provides you with a level of access and reporting you never thought possible.

Choose your preferred cloud provider such as AWS, AZURE or Google Cloud, identify the sources and reporting software you wish to employ, and the AXEL team will configure and install the middleware created specifically for your industry. Your data that lives within AXEL will have database connectivity for almost all of the reporting options available today and will include a fully defined Data Dictionary for ease of use. We also offer the ability to create custom report dashboards that are customized specifically to your team’s needs.

Implementation takes weeks, not months or years, before you are up and running. Spyhre Software Solutions provides ongoing maintenance and support for all the integrations and future enhancements. Our team has spent the past 6 years creating numerous integrations and are constantly adding more. Our specialized team offers a high level of experience and understanding of the Automotive Retail Industry including specialized software solutions from product inception, architecture, UI/UX design, development, hosting and support.